Purify 2014

Retreat for Hebrew Roots Singles

Purify for Himself a people who would be His own...


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Join us for Purify 2014 - the retreat specifically for Hebrew Roots Singles

Yahweh desires to Purify for Himself a people who would be His own! Are you prepared to have your life transformed?

At Purify 2014, you will enjoy...

  • Like minded fellowship with other Hebrew Roots Singles

  • Special time to worship our Messiah and King 

  • Being challenged in your walk in Torah

  • A time away when you do not have to worry about being "different" because you keep the Torah

You will not want to miss this exciting time of learning, fellowship, and encouragement!

Join us May 29 - June 1, 2014!

For Singles of All Ages - 16 and up!

Each day will be packed with teaching, testimonies, and worship as well as plenty of time for fellowship and food as we seek to encourage each other to walk closer to the Messiah.

We will be featuring Mike Clayton, Hollisa Alewine, David Rives, Jocelin Boutet, and Terry Boutet as speakers with worship led by David Rives.

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And for those wondering...

This year, we are featuring TWO Purify Retreats!

Purify 2014 in Ohio


Purify West Coast in Oregon




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